Hi Everyone ,
Wonder if anyone could help. My wedding is in June and I had told my BM (10) of them that I had a lady who did dresses for me about 1 year ago and it only cost me 25 $ . It is an older woman she did a great job and I ended up giving her 50$ just because I thought she was so nice.

I guess I should have called first because she is no longer working on dresses and I told my girls I already had someone local that could do the dresses. So I am stuck with no one and my wedding is in about 6 weeks. I guess it really would not matter money wise with the girls if they got the dresses done at the store that we bought them at but I had said that I knew someone that could do it for a low price and would do a good job.

So I guess I am asking if anyone has any info on a seamstress around Wallingford,Brookhaven, Media area that could help me out . I am sure they will not be 25 $ but trying to save the girls a little bit of money

I have one lady in Aston who I used about 2 weeks ago for a cocktail dress her name is PIA and she was also very nice but when I went to try the dress on after she had worked on it the first time she had a blood stain on my dress  and it was not there when I dropped it off !!!!!!!! She did end up fixing it but I am not really wanting to take my girls there and worry about things like that !

Any help would be great !

Thank you
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