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On a lighter note.. some CHECKS! (PIP)

I realized I haven't posted a check in ages even though I've somehow been managing doing wedding stuff in and around the other life stuff.

Big check #1 is our wedding announcements!  Just finalized the design with our photographer.  I posted a poll on some photos recently and got a perfectly split vote, so I just picked one and let her go with it.  They came out really cute!

Here's the front:


Also took care of another couple of little things.  I ordered a monogramed pashmina to wear once it gets chilly (kind of forgot I was getting married in Maine in the fall there for a minute--whoops!).  This is my last attire-related check.  It'll have a little "G" on it for my new name as a Mrs.!  I ordered it from ClassyWedding on Etsy (clicky).

Last but not least, I ordered our wedding glass for our ceremony c/o a recommendation from Michaela.  In case anyone isn't familiar with the tradition, breaking the glass is a Jewish wedding tradition performed at the end of the ceremony.  It symbolizes the fragile nature of life and the permanence of marriage.  The more it breaks, the better; the number of pieces into which the glass breaks and the time it would take to reassemble them signifies the length of the happy marriage.  I chose a deep blue since it's about the closest thing to a "wedding color" that we've got.
I'm also working with the bakery in Portland on our dessert order.  I'll definitely be posting about that soon to let you all know what the final verdict was!
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