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Hi Ladies,

So here's the story.  The other day when I came home from work I noticed a little black dog in our front yard.  When I got out of my car, she just ran up to me.  It was so hot out and I felt bad, so I ran inside and got her some water.  I looked up and down our street to see if there was maybe her owner around but I didn't see anyone.  I called FI to see what I should do and he told me to just let her stay until he got home and we'd deal with it then.  So he gets home and loves the dog.  She was sooooo cute, well-trained and obedient  Actually more obedient then our little yorkie Max, lol.  So we end up letting her stay for the next few days hoping to find her owner.  I put a leash on her and walked her around the neighborhood, hoping I'd run in to the owner and they'd claim her but no one ever did.  Mine and FI's agreement was if we didn't find the owner by Monday we were gonna take her to the ASPCA and hope tht someone adopts her.  We were gonna leave our number so that if they weren't able to adopt her, then we'd come and pick her back up.  Anyway last night I walked her one more time and this cute, little older man was going down the street and he asked to pet the dog.  I told him about her and he said he'd take her if the owner didn't show up.  He said he already had a similar dog like this and the dog could use a buddy.  He said he wanted to surprise his wife with her.  So I thought about it and thought we already have our hands full with the dog we have and plus, this guy and his wife were retired so I know they can give her more time since FI and I both work during the day.  So last night, we took the dog over and the little man was so thrilled.  Only thing is when I got back home I felt so bad.  FI said we could've kept it and just made it work.  He even said if I waned the dog that bad, to call the guy and just say the owner turned up (a little white lie).  But I couldn't do that seeing as how excited the man was.  Just a part of me now misses her.  She was all black with white going down her chest, so we named her Tuxedo because it looked like she was wearing a tuxedo.  I just hope we did the right thing for her.....

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