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Soooo, we're considering eloping.

Yeah, uhhh

We've already send out STDs for a July 2012.

The guilt I have been carrying around which intensified in the last 2 weeks (when my mom last spoke to me) is really weighing on me.  Before we even agreed that we're going to do this in GTNP, I had a lot of guilt over the thought of people spending so much money to come see us get married (you can see my posts on that).  You know, something we can totally do on our own and doesn't require people spends thousands to make it happen.

Then we were all for a wedding because:
a) no other time will our families get to meet each other
b) all of our friends will finally get to meet (my 4 BFF have never met)
c) make it a big vacation for everyone. 

I was married before in the most uneventful, blah way and kind thought of it as my 2nd chance to have a special wedding celebration.

Sister and her brood think it will take $3700 to come out here (she's unemployed by the way), my mom doesn't feel it's "worth her money" to just seem me for only 3 days (currently not talking to me), FI's sister's H lost his job.  I can think of one friend that is so thrilled to get to come back to JH - her most favorite spot on earth.  This is the only person who has been vocally excited.  She's banking on getting her end of year bonus to fund the trip and is stressing on finances too.

If we eloped, FI and I could make the day very special and just do it very upgraded.  Instead of 3 days of super casual wedding events (to make their trip here worth while - we thought), we could get a fancy hotel, do fancy dinners, get massages, focus on us - just stuff that we didn't plan on doing if we hosted a weekend wedding.

I don't know.  We've been sitting on the idea since Tuesday.  I guess FI was totally fine with eloping in the beginning, but we convinced ourselves that our families should meet and have a vacation at the same time.

Yes, I know only we can decide what is right for us, but it's just not jumping out at me at the moment. 

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