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Invite dilemma- Mexico and Germany on ONE??

Ok, I almost throat punched FI on Saturday about this. For real.

Some of you know he is from Germany and his parents are NOT on board with us getting married and cannot travel to the wedding in Mexico. We both think it's important for us to have another wedding in Germany for his parents and a couple relatives so that they feel included (even though his mom is NOT pleased). We go to Germany at Christmas so we could ideally do it the week before Christmas/week after Mexico.

So aside from it looking like it's impossible to legally wed in Germany (a whole other story) here is the problem:

We were looking at invitations and he told me that he thinks we should have BOTH wedding's infomation on the one invite. WHAT?!??!
I had been thinking all along we would do the Mexico invite and the German invites seperate.

I just can't figure out in my head how this will work. One side in Engligh and for Mexico and the other side in German for the Germany wedding? THAT'S STRANGE!

I need some compromise ideas ladies! All I can think is two invites mailed in one envelope??!

Oh and we have no idea when we are going to do the German wedding, where, not a single plan for around Christmas time and need to order invites SOON for the Mexico Dec 11 wedding.


Re: Invite dilemma- Mexico and Germany on ONE??

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    I am with you on this one. Having both weddings on the same invite is just weird, especially for people who are not invited to both. (I'm assuming your family will only be attending the wedding in Mexico?) But, I think a good compromise is having 2 seperate, different themed invites in one envelope. At least that way you also save money on postage ;)
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    I think I would just do 2 separate invites.  I think if you had the Germany plans made you might could do a pocketfold that had both but I really think your guests would be confused.  Plus people coming to Mexico aren't going to go to Germany.  Is the real plan to have the Germany wedding as another wedding?  Because I take it that you are really only doing it for his parents. 

    This is tough.  I think I would just do Germany invites for the people in Germany.
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    yes, I'm really hoping no one from the US will want to go to Germany.

    We are really only doing this for his family but FI thinks we should invite everyone to both weddings.

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