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OMG thank God it was a dream..

I must've looked at too much wedding stuff online before I went to bed last night because I guess I had so much of it on my mind that I dreamt about it last night.  It was such a nightmare because EVERYTHING was wrong.  It was the wrong resort, I didn't like my dress, or my shoes, I had blacks shoes and yellow socks on, yes yellow socks!!!!.  We got married on some sort of stage and I specifically want the ocean behind us when we actually get married.  Then I forgot to take my glasses off (which I rarely even wear so I don't know how I had them on) and put my contacts and even the guests were wrong.  There were people there that I don't even know.  I'm was so relieved I woke up to find it was just a dream.  Thankfully I woke up right when we were on our way to the location where the pictures were going to be taken.  Who knows what a travesty that would've been.

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