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[XP] Meal logistics for remote place?

Anyone having some meal logistics? Kind of a cross post (I shortened it), but thought destination ladies might have some input as well.

I am going to cover two dinners for a weekend wedding event.  Maybe frozen pizzas the first night - casual welcome night, then a catered Dutch over dinner the second (for the reception).

In this Idaho town of 150, there are only two restaurants.  I will have probably 35 guests.  Neither places serve breakfast, BUT the two tiny stores in town have some groceries.  All the rental cabins have fridges, all the lodge rooms have kitchenettes.  Anyone that camps is going to have a cooler (or I will recommend they bring one). 

Basically, there will be ways to eat breakfast, but with a little heads up to my guests shouldn't be a problem.  Some will have been in a big town (like my family) the night before and can get some food there to bring.

The restaurants do serve lunch.  I'll double chek to make sure all places are open the weekend we chose.  I guess if everyone doesn't choose to eat lunch at the same time at the same place then all would be OK!  One place doesn't even seat 35, but can do food to go.

Should I supply other meals?

Someone suggested I get muffins and coffee going at our ranch house (aka wedding headquarters) for anyone to stop by.  There will be two mornings here, day of wedding and departure day.
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