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xp: We have a date!

We've been engaged over 5 months now and finally have a wedding venue booked and hence a wedding date!  It is a relief!   7.14.2012

It will be the week of our 4 year date-a-versary.  Not that that's how the date was chosen, but my way of giving the same *some* kind of meaning.  It was the weekend with the most cabin availability next to the reception.

Now we have to refine our guest list and get these STDs out ASAP.  It's a DW in Jackson Hole.  Everyone has to fly to come see us since no one lives near us, so we thought we might as well do it somewhere cool if they had to travel anyway.  It's about a 4 hour drive for us.

I booked those cabins after we had 2 interested parties, and that was just a few  on my side.  Then the called to say they had another for a total of 5 extra cabins.  We went for it.  THey said that is unheard of to have 6 open cabins in the middle of July this far out.


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