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Long Post. Sorry, idk how to vent without it being long.

I've been absent for about the past week. But man it has been a tough week! FH had to work ALLLLLLLLL of last week, Monday night thru Sunday night, so we didn't get to see each other until this past Monday. So if he wasn't already tired and busy taking care of other things, as soon as he got home that Monday he got a call from his mother who has wrecked his car. Totaled, actually. She was okay, no harm done, but it just wasn't at all what he needed, ya know? And he worked really hard for his car, and everything he has. He is 19 years old, in the marine reserves, working the night shift at our parish jail and pays for everything he has himself. He is very accomplised to be so young. I mean, I am still 100% dependent on my parents, as I am 19 too. He also has a street bike, which he has just gotten fixed after laying it over several weeks ago. SOOO anywho. The night of the wreck we went riding on his bike and visited a friend. Once we decided to leave, his battery was dead, can you believe it? Just something else to go wrong! So we finally get to his house and go to sleep. The next day was our two year anniversary and he was so cranky and stressed the entire day. ;( Which I totally understand but I was just disappointed that he was so unhappy because it was a special day for us. But eventually I got em to perk up and relax. Our plan was to go on a picnic and eat sushi and drink wine. But no, it was hot and humid and so ugly and cloudy outside. It ended up raining that night. Sooo, so much for that plan. But we got sushi instead and rented a movie and drank our wine anyway. It was homemade muscadine wine and it's so good. I'm picky about wine because most of it is too bitter for me, but this kinda was slightly sweeter, and yummy! And the movie we watched was called It's Kind of a Funny Story, and it was really cute. So the rest of the night was good. Yesterday I went shopping for a USMC Ball dress but found nothing. And today I had to bring FH two hour to Belle Chasse for USMC Drill. Then drive back in the middle of rush hour. I'm pooped!

I guess I'm done venting now.
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