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Hello ladies!!!

Hi everyone!
I know, I've been so MIA lately. I think I use the computer all day at work, so when I get home I don't want to look at it, and you know how difficult it is to go on the knot from our phones! Excuses, excuses... Tongue Out I missed your girls! I promisse I'm gonna try to stop by more!
How is everyone doing? I've done NOTHING lately to do with our wedding (Oct 12, 2012 - Palace Puerto Vallarta).  I got my dress, I kinda know how I want my hair, we are not doing any decorations besides what comes with out package, I'm waiting to decide on shoes once I know if I'll be walking on sand. I don't know how many guests are coming, I'm guessing between 25 and 50 (hehe). I'm gonna get invitations probbably in May or June.
What should I be doing at this point?? I feel like this is too easy!
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Re: Hello ladies!!!

  • Hey nice to hear from you! You e got lots of time to do things so your right it is easy At this point! I have 2.5 months left. All I need to do is go for another fitting sometime. Oh, and FI doesn't know what he's wearing and it's driving me nuts!
    ~jenn~ Photobucket Anniversary
  • I'm sure I'll stress out with FI, he said he will wear whatever I want him to wear, but I'm not sure about that! It will be a last minute thing for sure! You are super close, so exciting! post pictures when you do your fitting :)
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  • WB! You've been missed around here. Are you doing favors, programs, fans or anything like that? Maybe you could be working on that kind of stuff. I am trying to get everything done as quick as possible. I am ready to have all the projects completed and to move on to something else!

  • Heeeyy! But you are so awesome at doing all that, I don't have your skills! I'll probably do a program, but I don't have any info yet for that. It shoudn't take me that long (an afternoon or 2 probably). I'm doing favors and a "welcome bag", but since I don't know how many people are coming I don't know what I can buy yet. I guess I am stuck! hahaha
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  • Hey!! Good to see you on here!! How's the new job??? 
    ~*~ Ask me about DW Knottie of the Day and Nestie of the Day! ~*~

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  • The job is going really well! I'm a little bored at the moment, but usually I have stuff to do. I get compliments all the time too, so I'm happy :)
    How are your wedding preparations?
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  • That’s great!! I’m glad that it’s worked out for you. I’m about the same as you… we get married 10/13 and haven’t done much. Dress is ordered and invites are 85% complete. I’m waiting until this summer when I’ll have more time. :)

    ~*~ Ask me about DW Knottie of the Day and Nestie of the Day! ~*~

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  • That makes me feel better! I still don't know what I'm doing for invtations, I really like the passport ones (I saw some really cute ones on Etsy) or I can make my own. We'll see what happens, you'll probably see me back here in a couple of months a little desperate asking for everyone's opinion!
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  • Hi!!  Welcome back =)  
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