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Soooo... two months later and I'm finally getting around to this.  I also added a post in the "I wish" thread.

Normandy Farm (venue/hotel) A+/B-
We used Normandy Farm as our ceremony and reception location and it was easily one of the best choices we made throughout the entire process. One of our top priorities was to find a location that was a one-stop shopping (as in a place we could hold our ceremony and reception). Normandy Farms was that—and more! We fell in love with the rustic charm of the Silo Ballroom and the attached hotel was an added bonus. With the catering, bar, and cake bundled into one price, it was a no brainer!
The entire staff was so easy to work with, especially Melissa and Dana. They were always able to answer my 809,345 questions, and they made sure everything was set up exactly as I had envisioned it. Our day of coordinator, Aaron, kept us running on time without being too obtrusive. Even our sever, Brittany, made sure my champagne glass was never less then half empty!
The food is amazing—our guests raved about the filet mignon! Even the appetizers at the cocktail hour were to die for. I still dream about the Tuscan Fontina Chicken balls. We got the lowest package for the bar, and had no problem accommodating our guests’ needs. And oh my god the cake. I didn’t have high hopes for the cake (it was included in the price so how good could it be, right?) but I was blown away. Not only was it incredibly tasty, but the presentation was perfect! I had given them two pictures of cakes that I liked, and they were able to blend them perfectly!
Our hotel experience was not as delightful. We were promised in our contract that we would have a complimentary bridal suite for two nights (Friday and Saturday). We decided on the day of the rehearsal (Friday) to drop off my dress and accessories so I wouldn’t have to tote them around the next day. When I went to check in, they had no record of our hotel room for either Friday OR Saturday. After 45 minutes of searching, we were finally upgraded to a room in the cottages; however I was late to my own rehearsal dinner due to the miscommunications.
The day of the wedding, our keys to the room kept getting deactivated. My key did not work when I showed up at the hotel room to get dressed. We were also locked out again after my bridal party and I had some pictures taken outdoors. After the reception, my husband I returned to the room to find out we were locked out again. We were also told a few weeks after the wedding that our guests who stayed at the hotel had unexplained charges added to their account- some totaling to $300.

Pulse Entertainment (DJ) B
We took a little bit of a risk signing with Pulse because we could not find any reviews about them. They were recommended to us by a friend who had worked for them.
We were incredibly impressed by the package of information we were given at our first meeting, and we also loved that they did not hound us or pressure us to sign a contract (unlike some other DJs we interviewed). What made us officially decided to book them was the amount of MCs we could choose from, as well as their competitive prices. We originally booked Eric A. as our MC.
Unfortunately, two weeks before our wedding, our MC contacted me for the first time and informed me he would be leaving the country in two days and would not return until the Monday before the wedding. As many brides can understand, the week before the wedding is kinda busy, and along with our work schedules, my husband and I were not able to meet with him. I sent an e-mail to the owner of the company, Ross, detailing my concerns. Within 15 minutes of sending the e-mail, Ross called me to apologize for the situation and had a back-up MC ready to go.
Our new MC, Chad, was very accommodating. He was willing to meet us at our apartment (unlike Eric who insisted we travel to the office) and we really responded to his quirky personality. On the day of the wedding, he worked hard to give us the look and feel we wanted with lighting and was played a good mix of music that kept people out on the dance floor. My husbands’ mother was in a band in the 1970’s and he was able to incorporate their music into the evening, making it very special for us. Even when he played a song that I’m just not a fan of, he quickly (and seamlessly) mixed it into a new song. My only negative comment is Chad was a little hard to understand when he was making the announcements. I don’t know if he was holding the mic too close to his mouth, but a lot of the announcing sounded like mumbling.

Indefinitely Yours (Florist) A+
HOL. LEE. CRAP. I loved my flowers. I loved my flowers more then I loved my husband. Ok… maybe not more, but at least just as much as my husband.
When it came to flowers, I didn’t have a concrete idea of what I was looking for. I kind of knew what colors and that I like hydrangeas and tiger lilies. Oh yeah, and I want to use different shaped vintage glass bowls. I didn’t want things to match, but I wanted them to correspond to each other. I think my exact words “the same… but different”.
Cindy was able to take my random ideas and corral them into a look that was exactly what I wanted- even when I didn’t even know what I wanted! She was able to group our centerpieces together beautifully. My bouquet was to. Die. For. Even though I desperately wanted tiger lilies in my bouquet, she was up front and honest by telling me they don’t always fair well in the heat and the pistols can be a mess. To help me achieve the look I wanted, she took a white (sturdier) lily and painted it a peachy- orange. It looked amazing with the hydrangea and peach roses of my bouquet.
Her pricing was also amazing. She came in way under other florists, and was able to understand my vision better then anyone else. Cindy was really a dream to work with, and I CANNOT say enough good things about her.

Artistic Imagery (Photographer) B+ [pending album]
 Stephanie and Alex were really wonderful to work with on the day of the wedding.   I had sent Stephanie some "Must Have" photos the week of the wedding and she worked hard to incorporate as many as possible- including a picture of us on the roof.  By the end of the night, my husband and his groomsmen were asking Alex to hang around and have a beer with them!
  A lot of the reviews and sample photos of the company revolve around the owners, Beth and Nick.   When I signed the contract, I was under the impression that I would be workting with these photographers, or at least expect the same quality.  Although Stephanie is a good photographer, her style is a little different from what was shown to me in the beginning.  If I had known that I wasn't booking the photographer I met with, I probably would have gone elsewhere.
   Artistic Imagery is a good, budget-friendly photographer.  Their pricing is really great, and we got a lot from our package-- we are currently going through the 1200 proofs we were given!  I would reccommend them, however, they just were not what I was looking for.

Studio Deja Vu (hair) A+
 I went to my normal stylist, Tara McCarthy, for my updo.  She was able to create the look I wanted perfectly.  Even on the day of the wedding when I made a few modifications, she did it with ease.  And let me tell you... my hair did not move either.
  My bridesmaids had their hair done at Studio Deja Vu as well, and they all looked fantastic!  My cousin Tara brought a picture in and her stylist not only replicated the look, but also tweaked it a little to enhance her face shape.  My other cousin, Allie, had super short hair and had no clue what she wanted to do.  After a couple different ideas, her stylist was somehow able to get her hair in a very classy updo. 
  Finally, my MOH, Connie, has very thick, straight and long hair.  The woman that did her hair preformed magic.  Not only did she give her long curls, but somehow those curls stayed in for most of the night!
   Studio Deja Vu's pricing was incredibly reasonable and they worked very quickly.  I was done in about an hour and a half, and my bridesmaids were finished in under an hour.
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    yay Normandy! (i cant even tell you how excited I am to eat some of the Tuscan chicken balls....FI and I have been talking about them non stop since the tasting haha)

    Thanks for the heads up about the rooms. I think I'll be double checking our reservations when I go to drop off stuff for the reception the wed. before!
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    I can also add a yay Normandy and a thank you for the heads up on the hotel misshap.

    I also want to say that I'm beyond excited for your wedding and more so for the pictures that will hopefully follow quickly Jesster - I wish my Normandy wedding wasn't so far away!
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    Great reviews :)  The chicken balls (heh) must be new - they didn't have them back in days of yore when I was a Normandy Bride.

    FYI to all the brides-to-be with htel mishaps.  Did you know that you can manage your hotel room block (including your own reservation) online?  There is a code provided in your contract and packet that you can use.  If you can't figure it out on your own, PM me and I can show you how to do it.  You are able to see who in your block has booked rooms, what nights they are booked for, and (if I remember correctly) when they booked.  I was able to harass a few out-of-towners into making sure they got a room this way, because I noticed that they hadn't yet called the hotel when I logged into the website.  Additionally, you would be able to check and see what type of room you and your fiance have and confirm that you do in fact have a room this way :)
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