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October 2012 Weddings

Yay! Registry!

Just stalked my registry this morning and people have started buying some of our china!  I'm surprised because I wasn't expecting anyone to buy things so soon (shower isn't until September), but Macy's is having a sale on their china right now... I guess people are getting a head start.

Ahhh!!! I'm so excited!! (My coworkers all think I'm nuts.)

Re: Yay! Registry!

  • Soooo fun!!!

  • YAY!  

    People have been buying off of our registries too!  My shower isn't until August 11, and I know that the invites haven't even gone out yet.  I think people are taking advantage of the sales (Macy's had a big home sale a few weekends ago too)  and/or want to make their purchases before our registries get picked over.
  • That is super exciting.  How are you all spreading word about your registries?  Word of mouth, website, etc,?
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  • Website and word of mouth.  My mom went with me to pick out the china (FI and I decided on 3 possible patterns online), I'm pretty sure she called everyone invited to let them know that we picked out a pattern, because people have been asking about it. 

  • In Response to Yay! Registry!:

    You are completely entitiled to get excited about that. Our shower is in August and invites went out a couple weeks ago, and people have started buying some things for us too. I got ridiculously excited about a dish towel that was purchased haha
  • Same thing here--my shower isn't until Aug. 19th, and invitations haven't gone out yet, but people already have started buying off our registries! :)  
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  • I KEEP PEEKING. I don't WANT to know who bought what - but its there! Its the worst. I've almost gone so far as to tell my sister (MOH) to change the passwords so I can't get in!
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