Missed you guys!!!

I have seriously missed you guys this week I've been absent. Lol. FI's been taking my Bronco all week because it's better in the snow and he needs to switch out his back brakes so he didn't wanna drive all the way to work with them grinding. So I've been cooped up at home all week, going absolutely nuts. But I have good news!

I got a job as an assistant manager at Rent A Center. I'm excited about how much money I'll be making and the prospect for serious promotions. It's really going to help with the currently very small wedding fund. So I'm excited about that. I start on Monday. And FI's boss told him this week that once a full time position opens up with the company [he works through a contractor] that he'll be getting it, and that he wants FI as a manager as soon as possible. So we're both very excited about that.

And even better news: my mom called me this past weekend and my grandmother's cancer is gone! The radiation got it all. So I'm so relieved.

I've also resolved to set a goal to lose 40lbs by June. So that gives me 18 weeks starting this upcoming week. So that's a goal of a little over 2lbs a week. I'm going to copy my FSIL's TurboJam DVDs this weekend and get to it. :]

Ok, so there's my amazing news. What're everyone else's updates for the week?

Re: Missed you guys!!!

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