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so my dress came in....

i went today to try it on and it was big !!! the sample size i tried on was a 14 and fit perfectly but the dress they ordered in the same exact size was big on me... i dont think i lost weight or anything ... hopefully once its altered it will look like it did when i tried it on! i am now freaking out that it will be huge on me! uggg

Re: so my dress came in....

  • It's not generally a problem to take a dress in a bit, I wouldn't freak out unless a professional seamstress tells you it can't be done.
    It doesn't have to be perfect to be everything I want!
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  • No worries! You would rather have it be too big than too small right?
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    [QUOTE]No worries! You would rather have it be too big than too small right?
    Posted by missmckenzie2[/QUOTE]
    i just dont get why the sample fit perfectly in the same size  ( they didnt even have to use clips! and then this one comes in and its big in the chest area and huge in  the hip area. Even the shoulder strap seemed long!!! i know my hips didnt shrink! lol i dont really have hips ! i guess it will all be fixed in alterations , right?
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    Did you check the size of the dress that came in?  Is it possible the designer sent the wrong size?

    Like PP said, don't worry unless the seamstress tells you too, LOL.  Too big is better than too small though!

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  • My friend lost 80 lbs between ordering her dress and her wedding.  She wasn't planning on losing weight when she ordered the dress so of course it was way too big.  It was so large that the seamstress had to take out almost an entire panel, but she still looked beautiful at thewedding.  It is much easier to take a dress in than to let it out so don't worry too much about it!
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  • I think sometimes sample dresses can be a little bigger from being tried on numerous times-- Just think how jeans can stretch out during the course of the day. Don't worry though I'm sure they will be able to take it in and it'll be just perfect!! :)

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