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October 2012 Weddings

good afternoon!

How was everyones weekend? and what is everyone doing for the holidays?

I just went to the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos game with my FI while my kids spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa baking Christmas cookies :) on Friday I had my company Christmas party that I spent WEEKS planning lol. Glad that part of my weekend is finally over.

Re: good afternoon!

  • good morning!  

    holidays are going to be spent a ilttle different this year.  im spending christmas eve with FI's family.  and i am going to my parents for christmas.   this is the last year my parents will be in NJ, they are moving to florida in feburary.  FI's family (aka sisters) gave him crap for leaving his parents house to visit my parents last year.  (nice right?)   so this year i told him to just spend xmas with his family and ill spend it with mine just to avoid the drama.  FI is just going to come for dessert. 

    lucky about going to the game. i cant afford eagles tickets now that im on a wedding budget.

    good job planning to xmas party.  i used to be an exec. ast.  so i know alllll about that! 
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  • I am excited because this is the first year that my FI and I are actually getting to spend the holidays together! We spent Thanksgiving with his family and we are spending Christmas with my family.

    Unfortunately, our families are about 7 hours apart (we thankfully live right in the middle of both families) and it's not possible for us to see everyone. This is a nice compromise, though. :)
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  • I hear you on that one this is my FI and I first holiday together as well. He missed thanksgiving already this year due to work but his work is letting him come home for Christmas eve and Christmas so we are quite excited about this.
  • This year we are spending Christmas Eve with my FI's family and Christmas Day with my family. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my sister and her family but we had to compromise since FI's family does their Christmas on Christmas Eve. Oh, drama! Guess it wouldn't be the holidays without a little...

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