Bridal Party Gifts....

What did you girls get for your bridal party? Groomsmen and Bridesmaid? My fiance wants to get his groomsmen flyers tickets and pay for all the food and drinks. He is out of his freaking mind ! PLease tell me I'm right on this, that tickets and paying for food and drinks four five guys is a little too much !

Re: Bridal Party Gifts....

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    I got my girls pashminas and paid for their hair.

    DH got his guys engraved moneyclips that doubled as a watch.  They were really nice.  They guys like them too.

    I think that's a little expensive, considering a beer alone is like 7 bucks at a Flyers game.  Since you can't control what they're going to eat and drink, that's a little risky IMO.  I think you should set a spending limit you each can afford and find something within that price range.  Can he just buy the tickets and make a guys day out of it?  I think that would be nice but I don't think he should obligate himself to pay for food and drinks. If he can afford more, how about the ticket and then something small for the men to keep like a flask or beer mug?
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    I've gotten a ton of stuff for each girl, but the grand total is around $75 a piece. The groomsmen are all getting custom case knives. ($60 a piece) plus A is taking them out for breakfast that morning...
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    DH got each groomsman a gift certificate, plus I gave each of my three brothers - three of his groomsmen - an 8 X 10 photo of them and their families posing at the wedding.

    For the BMs, I got them these bags in royal blue with white monograms from an eBay seller:

    ...and a jewelry box in blue from

    ...and jewelry to match their gowns from an eBay seller.

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    Im paying for my girls makeup. I got them a clutch bag and inside I will put in a good lip gloss and a small mirror.

    Fiance is getting his groomsmen flasks and a bottle of their favorite liquor.
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    I think the tickets would be a great gift.  
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    Yeah the tickets are a good idea, But i know if he were to do the tickets he would pay for food and drinks. He can be stubborn witht things like this. I want to do something nice but damn ! lol

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    I like the tickets idea as well!  
  • LadybugBride3LadybugBride3 member
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    what if he threw a tailgate before the game for them instead of buying food and drinks inside.  my fi was in a wedding last year and the groom did that for a phillies game and everyone loved it. and he could keep the cost under control a little by providing all the ffod and stuff himself. 

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    LadyBugBride- thats actually a really good idea !
  • mandy122782mandy122782 member
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    I think the tickets are a great idea. My FI really wanted to get good Phils tickets for his groomsmen but you can't get tickets very easily this year. I think the tailgate would be better and for everyone to pay for themselves once inside the game since that could get REALLY expensive!
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    I think the thought is definitly nice of him, but drinks and food for the entire party is a little much.  Maybe the tickets and the first round of beer? 

    HOWEVER,  if he does decide to do the whole shebangs, JEGs said he is totally availble to be a member of the bridal party ;)
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    There are certain sections that are "all you can eat"  You get a wristband with your ticket.  It might be one way to keep down the food costs. We were just at a Flyers game and swore if we ever went back we'd make sure we had the all-you-can-eat seats. The food is so expensive.
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