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Registry & Showers

Hey Girls! I had my first shower today! I only looked at my registry once since the registry vow because I added a few things. It was so exciting get all of those gifts! :) I have my next one next weekend.

Registry wise, I checked to make sure all of the items received had been properly removed from the registry since I've heard some bad things about the Target registry doing this. They were all good, but I saw some gifts that have been purchased for next weekend already! I sure hope I'm surprised on who they are coming from!

Have you had a shower yet? How are you girls doing that said you wouldn't look at your registry? Hope your shower is coming soon ;)

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Re: Registry & Showers

  • Congrats on your first shower!  It sounds exciting!

    I haven't had mine yet, but the invitations went out on Friday.  A few people already RSVPed to my sister and it's been exciting to hear who is coming!

    FI and I decided not to check the registry.  It wasn't hard at first! but we did check every so often to add or change something, but nothing had been purchased.  But then my mother called and said something was purchased so not to look anymore!  Then it became hard!  You always want to do what you can't!  (Well I can, but we decided not to!)  For as hard as it might be, I want to be surprised!  My mom and sister are going to check it for us to let us know if we need to add anything.

    Good luck!
  • Congrats. My shower is Aug 25 and invites haven't gone out yet. They should be going out this week..hopefully. I just gave my MOH the list today and I think she was going to work on them with her sister the way she talked. Nothing has been purchased from any of our registries. I keep telling myself its because no one knows where we are registered. I didn't take the vow. I may add some more stuff because I feel like I need more lower priced items.

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  • Congrats on the shower! Glad to hear you had a great time!

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  • My first shower is this Saturday. Heading down to West Palm where my FI is from. I'm actually kind of nervous. I've never been down there by myself. My mom is going too but she's not really a "social butterfly."

    I peeked at my registry once over the weekend. Now I want to keep looking haha. I'll try to be good though.
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