Do HM checks count?!  We are going to Italy- Rome, Amalfi Coast (Positano) and Venice.  We just booked our hotels in Positano and Venice.  I'm PUMPED!  I'll also take hotel recs for Rome if anyone knows of a "honeymoonish" hotel in an excellent location.  :)

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    I should check with my brother for you...he and my SIL had a fantastic time on their honeymoon in Italy and loved all the hotels they stayed at.  If you want some inspiration, you can actually see their photo album on MyPublisher's homepage!

    They're the first book in the second row.  I'll e-mail him today to find out where they stayed in each city....they visited Rome, Florence, Venice, the Cince Terre...and Im leavin one location out.  You can see it in their book :P
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    Love Italy! Haven't priced this hotel in years but it is gorgeous!

    It's part of the Hilton family and I use points when I travel since I have like a billion left. Best part of having a job that takes me away from home every night during the week - free hotel stays in great hotels when I travel for fun!

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    Direct from my sister-in-law, here's where she stayed:

        Hotel Balestri   

    Monterosso al Mare
        Hotel Margherita   

        Hotel Mozart   

        Minerva Hotel   

        Arlecchino Hotel   

    They're all searchable on TripAdivsor. 
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