October 2012 Weddings


I am new to this whole wedding planning thing (as I think most people are when they get married!), but it is such a relief to see other people planning this far ahead! I thought I was being ridiculous! Ha ha! Due to the very large amount of weight I'm planning on losing (I've been working on it for a while, but kept losing motivation... I've got LOTS of that now!), I won't be trying on dresses until October at the earliest. I know that the dresses I could try on would be extremely limited by my size if I went now. I'm planning a fall themed wedding in Dubuque, IA, right along the Mississippi River. I am just so excited about all this! It's like all those times I looked at wedding stuff just for fun, now it's FOR REAL!!!! We're thinking our colors will be a dark orangish-red (I have no idea what the color is actually called) and burnt orange with gold accents. I don't have any other friends who are really planning on getting married, so I'm kinda on my own with the wedding planning, so I'm looking for some fellow future brides!
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