Any HOKIE brides out there???

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My fiance and I both graduated from Virginia Tech.  We met in college, he was in Blacksburg during the horrific shootings, and we think of Blacksburg as our 2nd home... Needless to say, Virginia Tech means a lot to both of us.  Does anyone have any creative ways to tie VT and/or the Hokie bird (not too expensively) into our reception?  Of course there's always the grooms cake, but I dont think we're going to do that, just to save costs.  I was thinking a Hokie wedding topper (I wouldnt put it ON the cake...i dont really like wedding toppers), but maybe beside the cake...but that may end up looking more tacky than anything.What about any other ideas you may have for Virginia Tech, or another school you went to?

Re: Any HOKIE brides out there???

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    My fiance is a Hokie also. Those Hokie Alum are hard core! :) We're having "Enter Sandman" play while everyone is being announced for the ceremony. We're also naming our tables after places at Tech that mean something to him and I. Not sure if we're doing anything else, but we liked those ideas so far!!
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    Hokie Bride here! And fiance, too! I like the idea of playing the Hokie Pokie, perhaps during the reception.  Let's see how he feels about that ...
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    I'm a Hokie bride but I'm marrying a WVU Mountaineer.  Seeing this post made me realize we're playing some music from WVU but none that represents VT so I'll need to change that ASAP!  Not sure if you've picked your colors yet but I had a co-worker use fuschia and orange as her colors and they looked AMAZING together!  I thought it was a very classy way to incorporate VT! 
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