Finding an Officiant?

I am struggling with finding someone to perform our wedding. I was not raised to follow any particular religion, while my fiance was raised with some church-going. Neither us currently belong to a religious organization, nor plan to any time soon. I have NO idea how to go about finding someone who will perform our wedding. Advice greatly appreciated! We would like something with some element of religion/spirituality/christianity without being over preachy or cheesy.

Re: Finding an Officiant?

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    we're using Rev Ron Reaves http://www.icrafters.com/reaves/we're also not very involved with church. he's very open to different styles and will start working with us this fall (date sept 2010) looking at different ideas etc. you may also want to ask your venue for suggestions. Rev Reaves performs many ceremonies @ our venue and i've seen reviews from TK.you can also google wedding officiant and get a bunch of sites like thesehttp://www.weddingministers.com/http://www.weddingofficiant.net/
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    We were in the same boat and we found Rev. Julian Bermudez from two hearts one ministry. we met with him last night and hes wonderful. he really worked w/ us to customize how we wanted our ceremony and we are beyond happy w/ him. were so completely excited. look at the DC LOCAL RESOURCES for ministers and he is listed there. best of luck!
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