Help-can't find Dance info

Some time ago I got the info for a one time dance lesson with someone out in VA.  She taught the class in her home and it was only an hour...she's usually raved about on the board.Well I procrastinated on this and for the life of me, I can't find the email and I can't remember her name.  I tried going back through but this is only down to two pages now and I can't find it.Does anyone have her info and can mail it to me?TIA:  hnguye4 at gmail dot com

Re: Help-can't find Dance info

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    I'm guessing Penny Cupina?  try ww.dcknottiereview.com I think some of the girls reviewed her on there and can give her contact info.
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    Yes...that's her.  I just found it on the dcknottiereview board too but all of them say to page them for info and most are around 2 years old so I dont think I have seen them post on here. :( I am going to try google now.
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    msg rachelbg - she used her and she still checks the board - her wedding was in June.
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