Pipe and Draping (I think that's what it's called?)

I think I found our ceremony venue- but it is very plain. Money is definitely an issue, so I want to see if I can get any quotes on how to dress the place up before we book.It is in a tented courtyard. For more privacy and ambiance, I wanted to try to find some quotes on how much it would cost to get Pipe and Draping done around the sides. I think that's what it's called- basically I want to put "curtains" around the perimeter of tent. Has anyone done any research on this?
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Re: Pipe and Draping (I think that's what it's called?)

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    Professionally, I think it's pretty expensive, b/c it's labor intensive to set up. I did research months ago, b/c I want it for the back wall behind the altar (it's an ugly boring wall). It's $200 rental from my venue to add this, and it's like a 30' wall. Try some googling for Pipe and Drape, and you should be able to find some stuff....I remember reading posts about it on weddingbee, specifically.
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    We looked into it for the background to our "altar" and it was $600 for the pipe & drape. It was way out of our budget for our 15 minute ceremony. I chose to put my bridesmaids in bright colored dresses with two floral arrangements (to be reused at the reception) to try to dress up the background in the pictures. Good luck!
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    Capital Party Rentals rent pipe and drape per linnear foot. I don't think it's very expensive.
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