Leesburg Rehearsal Dinner?

Hi Girls!Anybody have any suggestions for restaurants to host the rehearsal dinner in Leesburg?Thanks!!

Re: Leesburg Rehearsal Dinner?

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    Im usually not on this board since im not in the DC area any more but I used to live in Leesburg. Tuscarora Mills is a really nice place in downtown Leesburg and I know they have private rooms b/c my company used to use them for meetings.
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    Thanks so much!  I saw their website when I did a google search.  We'll just have to make a trip out there to see what its like...but from their website it looks really nice!Thanks again :)
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    They have amazing food! I went there for dinner once and everything was so delicious to the point where I HAD to have dessert and I usually dont eat it.  And they always seemed to take care of us when my company had events there.  I also heard Lightfoot is good too! :)
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    If you have the money, Lightfoot would be an AMAZING place to have a rehearsal dinner. I love that place - so classy and great food! It's where I got engaged though so I'm biased :) If you're willing to go a little outside of Leesburg, the Clyde's off of Claiborne Pkwy in Ashburn is one of my favorite restaurants. It was built from pieces of antique buildings, you have to see it! and i'm pretty sure you can rent out the upstairs for large parties. here's a link to their private event information: http://www.clydes.com/main/Private_Events.cfm?Section=Willow_Creek_Farm
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    We're doing Lightfoot in October, private rooms to accomodate up to 30, up to 15 and up to 150 I think. The food is amazing. Tuscarora Mills is our wedding caterer; they are coming on-site for us but only because they are completely booked for our date. The food is great, and they are making our cake, too. A word to the wise, these are the only really good restaurants I found in Leesburg in the historic area. Back-up option: check out Vintage 50. It is a :05 drive at most from the historic area. Their space is "semi-private" which is "semi-accurate."
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