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Candy Buffet- Cost?

If you're doing a candy buffet, how much is it costing you?

I'm trying to figure out favors.  I don't know if I want to DIY it or go through a company, or if it's going to be too expensive to do.

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Re: Candy Buffet- Cost?

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    I would say mine is about 400, if that. I am renting the glass from my DOC, and paying like 250, if that for my candy, and 20 for boxes.... maybe 20 more for stickers. So yea not expensive at all IMO.
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    My mom just bought most of our glassware cheapeish.  You can buy it from me when we're done, they live in Trooper so they are close to you, I think.  

    We are planning on getting candy according on what we can get at Costco.  We are also bringing candy from the UK from FI's childhood.  

    We will buy cheap paper bags.  If anyone has left overs I'm looking to buy them off you!  

    We are having a smaller wedding, about 100 peeps, so I think we'll spend about $100ish on candy.  I hope anyway.  
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    NCV, that is around my guest list too. My candy is right around 220 I think. I got 10 kinds I think and 4 lbs each kind.
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    What did you get B2B?

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    NCV, I might take you up on that offer.

    We do have a Costco membership....

    Hmm, I need to think about this further....
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    I got :

    Mini Jawbreakers (4LB) - $20.00

    Chocolate Gummy Bears (4LB) - $28.00

    Chocolate Raisins (4LB) - $18.00

    Non Pareils (4LB) - $20.00

    Gummy Dinos (4LB) - $11.00

    Chocolate Pretzels - $20.00

    Milk Chocolate Clodhoppers - $28.00

    Blue Raspberry Fruit Sours - $15.00

    Island Punch Jelly Beans - $32.00

    (50) Mini Unicorn Pops - $25.00

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    I went through The Sweet Tooth, a candy shop in Philadelphia. FB Scott Lean, I am friends with him. He was great. I ordered the below candy for $200:

    White Chocolate Cover Pretzels (5lbs): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Jelly Belly Jelly Beans: Watermelon, 7UP and French Vanilla (2lbs of each flavor): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Nonparels (5lbs):  Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Haribo Gummi Bears (5lbs):  Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Spearmint Leaves (5lbs): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Rock Candy: Watermelon and Lime (6lbs):  Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Footsies (Green Apple) (4.8lbs): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Sour Patch Sour Apples (5lbs): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Cordials filled with Irish Cream (5lbs): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Vanilla Clodhoppers (3lbs): Ordered from The Sweet Tooth, Philadelphia

    Sixlets: Black, Green and White (2lbs of each color): Ordered from OHNUTS!

    Tootsie Rolls (7lbs): Walmart

    Black Licorice (2 bags): Walmart

    Swirl Lollipops (6): Walmart

    Andes Mints (2 1/2lbs): Walmart

    Hershey Kisses (7.5 lbs): Costco

    Reese Cups (7.5lbs): Target

    Mike & Ike's Mini Boxes (2- 24ct bags): Acme **Halloween Section**

    I ordered my take out boxes from Fulton's Paper Goods in Delaware, 200 of them for $24.25. I got the pint size, quart is HUGE! I ordered the circle labels from labelsbythesheet.com. I dont remember a price but cheap and I printed out the labels at my house. I borrowed the jars from two different people.

    Bringing us to a total of 92 lbs of candy for our 230 guests. I read on a website you should average 1/4 oz per guest, which would make us need atleast 58lbs of candy. **I HAD NO CANDY LEFT!! Some guests did NOT GET ANY!!**

    I have never seen adults eat candy the way they did.. it was crazy! but a HUGE HIT! I believe it came out to $1.50 a guest... give or take

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    I forgot to mention, that I wanted to try to stick with the black, green and white theme for the candy.... atleast most of it.. so I ordered single color items which you cant really buy at costco, etc... But some of the candy i did...So it may of been cheaper but I loved how it looked with the candies...

    **mock up**

    **wedding day**

    Also favors in my opinion are stupid.. nothing really fits EVERYONE invited.. so we figured candy, everyone likes some kind of candy... we did a range of candies.... Plus if they dont want candy, they dont eat it.... but someone else will.. No wasted money. If you buy a "shot glass" and someone forgets it or hates it.. you wasted $1-2 per person... Does that make sense? Thats how we reasoned the candy buffet....
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    happy- that's my biggest concern about the candy buffet.   My SIL had one at her wedding and it was gone before the photographer even got a picture of it.  They were like vultures.
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    I am going through Philly Sweet tooth too.

    Beagle, you can have them set it up during dinner too, then the photog can get pics of it right after they do it.
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    What I did was it was inside the dinner area... It was set up, but the doors were closed from the cocktail hour. The photographer took pictures of the room before any guests were in the reception area. However, I will never forget the look on my DH and I face when we were done our salads, waiting for our meal and looked over and saw jars were already EMPTY! I was shocked... We had 92 LBS!!! Insane... but at the same time.. I was happy it was gone. It meant it was a hit and everyone enjoyed it. We had each place setting set with a box, that way people ONLY got one box... My friend did bags at the table, and not everyone got a bag... some took two! She also waited until dinner was over to annouce it was over... she had a TON OF CANDY left over because people were dancing already and didnt care about the candy. I was happy that it was gone...Everyone raved about the candy (especially the CLODHOPPER, if you go to Sweet Tooth try it, it's amazing!).... they loved the idea..
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    Beagle, we spent like 400 on ours.  Of that, 350 of that was candy.  We got all our glassware at Goodwill or consignment shops, and we did simple 1/4 lb white paper bags.

    We got all our candy at Costco.  I priced it out, using Sweet Tooth, Nuts 2 You, and Costco/Bjs.  Costco and BJs were, by far, the cheapest of any of them.  And when I say by far, I mean they beat the competition out of the park.

    I have all my glassware still, if you want to buy it.  I can send you pics of what they look like- we went for an eclectic look, and it worked really well.  I also have 10 white scoops that we used for unwrapped candy.

    I have my pricing list, if you want it.  I would be glad to send it to you.  Because we did BJ's and Costco over Sweet Tooth and Nuts 2 You, we were able to do a ton more candy of differing kinds.

    Just a tip: I have been to weddings where the did the "color coordinated" candy, and to once where they did all sorts of different candy.  The different candy one is better, by far.  We went to a wedding the week after ours that did only green candy- she came to our wedding, and told us afterwards that ours outdid hers.  She only had watermelon or apple flavors, and did not have anywhere near the amount of candy that we had.  She told us that she wished she had done what we had done, so more people could enjoy it.

    I would be willing to sell you the glassware for cheap.  let me know if you want pictures or the list prices.  We did the most popular types of candy.

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    One more thing- we investigated DIY versus going with a company, and going with a company was WAY expensive. 

    We got all the stuff ourselves, the venue allowed us in to set it up the day before, and they helped us keep it refilled and looking nice and all.  Talk to your venue; most of the time, the coordinator will be willing to help you, and you really don't need someone special to be there just for the candy.

    Oh, and we didn't do a stamp or sticker on the bag, and no one cared.  Seriously, we had guests tell us they liked the fact that we kept it simple, because they knew they were just going to throw out the bags/containers anyway, and it would have been a waste.

    We also didn't label the candy, except for the ones that had nuts in them.  No one noticed- since we did all very familiar candies, everyone knew what they were anyway.  Saved us time and money!
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    I'm really lucky that our Candy Buffet comes with our wedding package!  All we have to do is get stickers to put on the bags that our venue provides :)
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    I'll have 180 people, so I think between NCV and MBR, I will have plenty of glassware.

    MBR & NCV- email me at beagle211 at gmail dot com- I might be taking them off your hands. 

    I'm going to talk to FI about this, and keep you posted.
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    Candy Bouquet in Trooper has really good prices on candy.  She rents out the jars and scoops too.  She'll help you color coordinate or mix it up.  She did my firend's buffet for $2 pp which I thought was very good.  I upgraded some of my candy so mine cost a little more.
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