centerpiece safety question

Curious if anyone had any problems with broken glass from candles. My mother is concerned that the cylinder vases will break because of the heat of the candle flame. She says I should make sure they are tempered glass. I really don't know if they are or not. I am filling them with water and putting a floating candle in them, and I don't think they will get so hot that the glass might break.

Re: centerpiece safety question

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    Maybe test one out one day when you will be home for a while?
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  • mandy122782mandy122782 member
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    I had a similar centerpiece and it was fine. The vases were just regular square tall glass vases.

  • nancyrnancyr member
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    Went to a wedding where they did not test the bowls their floating candles were in--we arrived at the reception to find all the centerpieces shattered and water everywhere--so test the bowls/vases you plan to use and for a time period longer than you plan to use them for at the reception.  It sure beats having disaster visit your reception!
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