Hey Stacey,
You stayed in Jamaica for your honeymoon, right? Yet you stayed at two different resorts? Which did you prefer? We are thinking about going there for our 1 year... I am researching ideas now.. Thanks!

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    Negril all the way!  We also did Whitehouse, which was beautiful too.

    I guess it depends if you want to relax or if you want to more adventure and a party atmosphere.  Negril was a lot more fun b/c we felt like the crowd was younger and a lot of newlyweds.  Both were beautiful.  We felt like there was also more to do in Negril as far as onsite activities. 

    I was happy with the way our TA set it up, we got to go have a fun time drinking and doing lots of water sports in Negril and then were ready for some peace and quiet when we got to Whitehouse.  The water and sea life was better in Whitehouse but I think that's because we were there after a hurricane and the water didn't really clear up until the second half of our stay.

    If you want a TA rec, I can give you our agent's info.  Also, I have pictures of both on FB in separate albums if you want to take a look. 
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