Am I getting lied to by my vendor?

So we've booked our venue and were so happy it met all our needs. Suddenly we went to a event they held there and was displeased with their service. I requested a list of references from past couples who had gotten married there (I unfortuantely didn't think to ask this before signing contract!!!-ugh!). Please let me know your thoughts!Here is their response: "  We actually are not able to send out names of couples who have married at any of our venues due to Privacy laws.  I am in the process of putting together an evaluation book to display at our venue for brides to look through.  It basically is a compilation of the evaluations we send to brides after their event giving us they’re feedback.  Of course, we can only post the ones who give us permission, so it does take some time to compile.  I should have a book of these in about a month, if not sooner.  Let me know if you have any other questions and I apologize for not being able to be of better assistance with this question.

Re: Am I getting lied to by my vendor?

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    Well, there is a little something to that.  Some of my vendors specifically asked me if they could use me as a reference afterwards.  I would have been uncomfortable if they had given out my name and number without checking with me first.  I don't think it is specifically illegal, but probably bad business to give out names without asking first. However, I would not be comfortable with a vendor that wasn't willing to provide any references.  I would probably start looking into doing something else. 
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    What venue is it? If you ask for feed back on here I am sure a few people would have either gotten married, been to a wedding, or had friends attend a wedding where you are getting married. That might help to ease your mind.
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    I kind of understand that, because I wouldn't want my venue to give my contact info out to random people without my permission. But it is weird that they don't have anyone to offer. But I'm sure that if you look them up online, you'll be able to find reviews. Check They have TONS of reviews of places. Even citysearch or kudzu might have something. And ask us. We have lots of reviews :)
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