Bridal Shoes in ATL

Im trying to find a bridal store that has a good selection of bridal shoes! Can anyone help me? What shops in ATL are good to check? Thanks!!

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    I think Bride Beautiful in Roswell has a decent selection of shoes. I don't exactly remember much about their shoes because I was focused on their dresses, but you might want to check them out!
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    thanks for the suggestion.
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    Uggh, I had the worst time with this! I think I had to go to 8 diffrent stores to find the shoes I needed. Try Formally Yours in Lilburn and La Raines in the Highlands (AVOID LaRaine when at La Raines if possible).
    KRHagen November 2009
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    i'll chime in with a dumb question - do they typically have the shoes in stock or do you have to order them and wait forever?  and if you do have to wait, what's the typical wait time?  Thanks  :)
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    I bought my shoes from DSW. Shoes from bridal shops can be a bit overpriced in my opinion. Off Broadway had a nice selection. I suggest looking on as well, you can return the shoes at no extra cost
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