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Good Afternoon Ladies, I know there have been posts on this before but I can't seem to find them so I'm sorry about the repost!  But I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for good locations for engagement pictures besides Piedmont Park or Marietta Square (nothing personal I just want to do something different).  I love natural backgrounds if that helps but I'm open to suggestions!  Thanks ladies!!

Re: E-Pic Locations

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    We took ours all around Atlanta like Castleberry Hill, Cabbagetown and Northside Drive. We would jump out and take pics at different locations (walls, doors, signs, railroad tracks etc.) with our photographer.
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    cator woolford gardens. 
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    We took ours at Berry College in Rome. I know it is kind of out of town but well worth it. Very castle-esk. they also have a lot of nature stuff.
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    These are great ideas!  Thanks so much!  klkier, I never thought about Berry...I actually live in Cartersville so its not that far!!  Thanks guys!
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