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I just put a deposit down for our DJ! We get 5 hours of music, lighting, and emcee, which includes cocktail hour and ceremony music for $800! I am so glad to get this checked off my list. I want to have an "S" for my cake topper. I am having a 4 tier cake, and most of the toppers I have seen are 4.5" tall. Is that too small? Should I get a 6" topper? I don't want the topper to look disproportionate to the cake. Thanks!

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    Congrats on the DJ!  That's a great check!As for the topper, I would ask your baker, I bet they will have an answer for you.  I would guess though, that the 4.5 is fine if that is what most of them are.  4 tier is pretty standard for a wedding cake, so I think if that's the standard topper size, they're probably meant to go together!
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    Awesome! Thanks Erica.
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