David's Bridal, ETC... & Unwanted Solicitation

FYI...When you go into most Bridal Shops, ie. David's Bridal, you sign a visitor's log.  David's Bridal gives out your cell phone, email, and address to vendors who then call you for business.  I've had calls about makeup, photographs, teeth whitening - I could care less.  I didn't realize I was giving out my personal contact info for these sales calls.  The same goes for other companies "helping" you with wedding stuff.  Websites are the sneakiest.  BEWAREP.S.  If you show up for free bridal tickets that you won online, and you walk into a hotel meeting room with pots and pans for a "presentation" - run.  Scam.

Re: David's Bridal, ETC... & Unwanted Solicitation

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    They've been doing that for years. They do it at the Bridal Fairs, too.  You set up a seperate account to give to everyone for these solicitations.  And you reverse the last two numbers of your phone number when you give it to them, then call THEM back to follow up. I had absolutely no solicitation from David's though, when I bought my gown there, because I kept stressing, and writing down on their info cards that there would be no reception, no bridal party, etc. 
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    we keep getting emails from a car dealership we went to a month ago, the sales rep "just wanting to check in" - they're pretty hilarious at this point.
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    OH YEA!  I totally fell for it!!!  I got calls from people inviting me to bridal shows in the Atlanta area only to find out it was a scam to get me buy pots and pans from an old hippie couple that drove in from Nevada.  I called David's Bridal asking why they sold my number to these scammer - aka liers!!!  They actually had the guts to tell me, well, some brides would like pots and pans...."  SERIOUSLY!!  I actually liked the David's Bridal location I went to, as well as what they had to offer.  But after that and numerous calls after that from random "bridal shows" telling me I had just won their grand prize, I didn't step foot into another DB...... and won't.  ADVICE:  Don't call them back.... don't go to any "bridal shows" or go claim any "prizes."  If they say you've won something, just tell them Thank you very much and go ahead and mail it to you!!!
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