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I am trying to help a friend plan her wedding and she is on a limited budget.  I got married in 07 here in Atlanta, but prices have gone up since!  This is what she would prefer:150 guestsFull Open BarBuffet or Seated - Whichever is cheapestWe have looked at The Atrium - a little too small Going to Lambert Place tomorrow.Thanks!

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    I'm not sure if your friend is looking at all inclusive packages or not, but I found that most places were cheaper if you were able to bring in your own catering and alcohol. I seem to remember reading a lot of negative reviews on Lambert Place, so you might want to check those out first. Did you look at the Solarium in Decatur? It's pretty affordable, but might be close to your seating capacity. I also looked at 595 North which offerred an open bar and dinner for really cheap. They work well with budgets. My wedding is at Ambient + Studio. We have to rent everything, but they have kind of an "anything goes" philosophy, which I like.
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    We are having our reception at Roswell Founders Hall. They are pretty reasonable but not super cheap. All of the other places we looked were more expensive. It depends when shes getting married cuz its much more expensive in the summer on a Saturday. Also, what do you consider a limited budget??
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    look at hollycrest hall. i loved it there but was a little expensive for my small budget. But it is great. We are having ours at the crowne plaza marietta and it is VERY affordable and super nice.
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    While I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to tell you how sweet you are to be helping your friend! Planning a wedding is tough!
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