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I am recently engaged and my fiance' and I are 16hrs apart.  I am looking for someone to help me plan my wedding in the Atlanta/Macon area. I am also looking for photographers, caterers, basially the whole works.

If anyone knows of any good coordinators, photographers, caterers, etc. that maybe you or someone you know has used please let me know.

Thanks! Smile

Re: Coordinators & Photograhers

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    I give you some references to check out... email me at if you would like to talk :) I don't check back here too often.
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    We LOVE our photographer! Actually, he has won awards from the Knot. Jamie Howell photography

    Good luck!
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    I'm not sure about the Macon area, but I met some wonderful coordinators in the Atlanta area. I had a phone interview with Daria from Circle of Love weddings and she was great! I didn't end up going with her, but she was excited, polite, had great follow up, and seemed very knowledgeable and professional. He was also the most affordable of the final 3 I narrowed it down to. Susan Graham from Susan Graham Signature Events is near perfection. I've seen her weddings featured everywhere. Impeccable taste, super high end. I met her in person and she was very friendly. I really struggled with whether I should use her, but she is pricey. I guess I should ask what your budget for the coordinator is. All these women have different plans at different price points. The person we ultimately chose was Lindsay Pitt from Toast Events. I just clicked with her the best, personality wise. She also has impeccable taste, plus she's just fun! I figured if I'm going to be communicating with someone over the next year plus, I better actually like them on top of liking their work. Lindsay falls in the middle, price wise, between Daria and Susan. She's still pricey, but excellent! In my opinion you really can't go wrong with any of them. I woul recommend looking online for maybe 5 or 6 planners and sending them inquiries. You'd be surpriaed how many DON'T respondfor me that was Ashley Baber and Edge Design. That will narrow it down. Then pick your favorite 3 and schedule a phone interview. I'd suggest meeting in person, but that might not be an option for you. The phone interview should get you an idea of their services, prices, and personality. Hope that helps! Good Luck!
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    Hey I live in Warner Robins (the Macon) area and I know an amazing photographer. Her name is Amber Phinese. She is so sweet and very attentive to your needs and wants. Not only that, she won't break your bank. I would recommend her to anyone.
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    Go with Katie Rivers Photography for your pictures. You won't be disappointed!

    If you're looking for a florist and you're on a budget, you can't beat Leave it to Lindsey. :)
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    We booked Kelly Embry for the photography, I would have liked to have booked Ashley Baber for the planner but we decided against a full planner (for budget reasons) and are currently looking into "day of coordinators" I will let you know what we find :)
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    For photography we chose William Hogan (clicky) and for coordination we chose 3 Goats Tall (another clicky). Both are amazing and affordable. I have a budget of about $8000....
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    i used a flawless event for day-of-coordination and it could not have been a better experience!
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    You should definitely check out Wrennwood Design for all your coordination needs. They are great at decorating and coordinating, plus they are super affordable!

    T+R Photography is great and very affordable. 

    Jennifer Horton Makeup is great too!
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