*TTD session update - stupidly long*

FYI for those still thinking about getting in - you have an oportunity if you want GROUP PICS ONLY! See below.
OK, ladies!  As of today, 14 girls have expressed interest.  Here it is, broken down.  PLEASE let me know if I have missed anyone.

Verbally confirmed:
EDIT: Miguelhilary is confirmed

Maybe, possibly coming:
FutureMrsTCT (don't come in your real dress please!)
Edit: ooodsie (maybe an alternate, may be trashing vegas instead of her dress that weekend)

With us in spirit: NCV2

Here's the deal:

1) We can do a max of 12 ladies for individual shots.  This puts us pretty close to our max!  I wil not discourage anyone from coming, but will intstead add this addendum.  If you choose to come just for group pics, you will still be expected to pay the full price because you would get a disk of photos after the shoot. (Think of it this way: We are paying a special group rate, not an individually customized package. ) This means that once we set a date/time for group pics, we could theoretically have more than 12 girls there, assuming you are willing to pay.

2) Remember as well that only half of us will be able to do individual shots on the same day as the group pics.  I am sure we will be able to work out a schedule that works for everyone and can accommodate travel distances/family schedules realtively well, but in confirming that you want to do this, you will also confirm that you can be flexible about scheduling the photos over the weekend.  There are a lot of us!  Also, you will confirm that there will be no whining at me should the schedule not work out exactly the way you wanted it.  Even my kiddos at school know I don't deal well with whining ;)

3) I will need your e-mail addresses so that I can work on getting us all in touch with Rich.  My preferred method would be for you to either post them here (just remember to type in the format of "iloveponies at gmail dot com" so that you don't get spammed) or send them to me as a PM...someone already sent me theirs some other way and, yes, I am pretty sure I have already lost it. 

4) Rich will be sending each of you a contract and asking for a deposit in advance equal to half the total price of the shoot.  The remainder can be paid the day of the shoot.  We want to make sure you all realize that this is not just a casual GTG, but is part of someone's livelihood.  I am sure that you already all have taken this into account, but we really can't have people casually dropping in and out or deciding not to do this at the last minute.  Additionally, should anyone really decide to do some trashing, it's your decision - our photographer will not be held liable, and I know you understand that he wants that in writing :)

I think that's all I have - at least for today :D With any amount of luck I will be hanging around enjoying a snow day tomorrow answering your questions ;)

Re: *TTD session update - stupidly long*

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    I can't do this cause my wedding is in June annnd I don't know that I could ever harm my dress is any way haha buuuut I am jealous and CANNOT wait to see the pics!!
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    Seriously enough already. This is stupid to begin with let alone Rich's work is junk. I know he's your brother larosita but really these ridiculous posts are getting annoying. By the way, how are these posts not considered violations of the knots vendor rules. You are literally posting on Rich's behalf.
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    If I did this, I would want separate pics as well as group photos - so let's count me as an alternate, meaning: all you girls out there who are signing up, if you need to cancel last minute and want someone to take over your spot and not lose your deposit - If I am able to go, I will.  
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    email:  hilldog_3 at hotmail dot com

    What's the location again?  I'm not very familiar with Roxborough/Manayunk.

    ETA:  If I'm paying the full amount I'm all in.  Count me in for individual pics too.  I'm a PITA, I know.  Sorry!
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    Hahaha I can only assume that you lost my email. Stupid fb chat ;) I pm'd you with the information. I have to say I am super excited about this and am thanking you in advance for offering to set this up!
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    Jennennyfur at yahoo dot com. I am so freakin' excited.
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    Hil - I envison us tromping around the main drag in Manuyunk (Main Street) and then possibly taking a drive to Valley Green Park (also kind of known as Wissahickon Park?  It's technically part of Fairmunt Park, but near Manuyunk.Roxborough) for something more outdoorsy/woodsy. 

    I will happily organize a pre-TTD GTG for dinner in Manuyunk in April or early May if anyone wants to walk around to scout locations who has never been to the area.  I have no doubt our fearless photographer will also be willing to do some scouting for us with eye for frock-rocking.

    Since we are at 11 girls for individual shoots, the last spot is first-come, first-served, and beyond that we will try to beg for more time, especially if only one gal gets excluded...I truly don't want anyone to feel slighted here.
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    I just deleted what I wrote - that may be the weekend we're in vegas.  But you're too damn quick LRM.  Unedit that.  I am not confirmed yet.
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    All fixed. 
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    email if you need it.... jackie.minot at gmail com
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    Amerbutt81Amerbutt81 member
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    I am pretty sure you have my email, but just in case
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    LadyJ10LadyJ10 member
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    Sending you a PM right now!
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