Piedmont Park Dockside? or Millennium Gate?

HI, well we eliminated Rhodes Hall and trolley barn so on to Piedmont Park dockside outdoor ceremony and reception, and Millennium Gate at Atlantic Station, has anyone been to weddings or had yours there?? You can bring in tyour own alcohol and caterers- please let me know all your thoughts!! I need reviews!

Re: Piedmont Park Dockside? or Millennium Gate?

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    I've never been to either, so I'm probably not a ton of help. But, I live right by Piedmont Park (and I'm getting married there- at the Piedmont Room) but my only feedback is that I've been to the park plenty of times and seen people getting married at the docks.  I find it a bit awkward that anyone in the park can stop and watch you get married.  There is usually a crowd gathered around watching and sometimes they are taking pictures.  But, it is beautiful!
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    thank you, eliminated dock side because you cant bring your own alcohol and parking seems a bit crazy ( pay to park and then  golf-cart it to the site)

    think we're going with Cedar Plantation in Acworth, we cant choose our caterer but we;re doing a tasting in January and hoping for the best!

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