Minor panic... (vent)

Whew. Deep breath. I got the contract from our location today. Mentioning the deposit that I knew would be due soon. But it's so real now. Not the wedding part! That's been real since a couple of weeks after I met Tom. No worries about that. It's just, if I do this, I'm officially having my winter wedding. And I've always pictured my summer wedding. And I don't love my location and it's a pain in my a**. But it's free-ish and convenient and Tom wants to get married this year, not wait until next summer. But every time I look at pictures, I look at summery things. And I don't WANT a Christmas wedding. Or a snowflake one. There's going to be a Christmas tree in my reception! And it severely limits our options for our honeymoon. But it's really hard to argue with "But baby, I want to marry you sooner, not later." And I don't want to be a whiny brat. I AM happy and thankful that I get to marry him at all, and I know that all that matters is that we wind up married at the end. But I am having a bridezilla moment and don't want to have it to him, so you ladies get to deal me. Sorry and thank you! Had to get that out. 
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Re: Minor panic... (vent)

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    Tell him you have the whole rest of your life to be married to him! This should be YOUR dream wedding. YOU are the bride!

    However-- your pictures will look so different than everyone else's and really cool if you have it in the winter. EVERYONE has a summer wedding, you could have something different and special.

    Either you are marrying the man of your dreams!!

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    I agree with Anne about having the rest of your life to be married.

    I think if your having second thoughts about the venue and the date you should talk to your fiance about it. Even if he argues about it or tells you nice things like that, in the long run I'm sure you would like to have the wedding of your dreams then having settled.

    Good luck to whatever you decide and I'm sure things will work out. Smile
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    Ditto the previous posters. Don't rush anything or settle for something different than what  you really want, but think of the benefits of a winter wedding too! I still ponder the idea of a winter wedding.
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    It's not for everyone, but you could have a civil ceremony before the big celebration. He gets to be married and you get the big affair when you want it. We did it for other reasons, immigration stuff, but it ended up being a great idea for us.

    In any case, congrats to you both!

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    its fully possible for you to still have a summer wedding. i ust got engaged 1 month ago and i a getting married in august. that would def be sooner rather later. it depends on what you are willing to negotiate in your wedding. obviously venues might be harder to find now, but there IS something available. i might be behind compared to other brides on here, but i have venue, photographer, and band booked already with no issue whatsoever. 
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