Hey!  I know you said you swear you maitre'd was Rosie....but was it Cindy?  She's our person for Saturday. In fact Mary is leaving halfway through the event, so she is leaving Cindy in charge.  I just read your "I wish" post...I'll have to make sure I don't let her get me drunk!

We also took lessons from Rubi, in fact we had a second "brush up" lesson this past weekend.  SO glad we did!!
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    It may have been Cindy, but I really think it was Rosie. My dh and dad don't remember her name. She was a young girl in her early twenties, dark hair, average build with glasses. She was so attentive that at one point I told her to go relax and have a good time! No matter who you have they'll be great. Pen Ryn was AWESOME! I remember seeing Mary before we were announced into the reception, but she told me she always stays until after the first dance.
    We are so glad that we did the had dance lessons. My worst fear was looking like we were in 7th grade and just rocking side to side. Everyone loved it!
    Just relax and enjoy ever second of it, it flys by!
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    We are taking a huge truckload over to Pen Ryn tomorrow, I'm so excited!  I'm sure everything will be great.  I am trying to cross that threshold of worrying about the details and just letting go and leaving it to the pros.

    Yeah, we were nervous about the middle school shuffle too.  Your dip shot is fabulous!!  I sent it to my FI last night and said "see!"  haha
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