Mississippi Bride Shopping in Georgia

I'll be in Atlanta next weekend and I want to shop for wedding dresses while I'm there.  (I've been looking at home and haven't had any luck yet).

PLEASE give me any suggestions you have on the best places to shop. I need somewhere with a large selection of dresses. Some of our stores sell designer dressess, but the sample sizes only come in one size, which are too small for me, so I can't tell what they look like.  The local stores here that do have a larger selection don't have much to choose from.

I really really appreciate any help you can give me!

Re: Mississippi Bride Shopping in Georgia

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    Try Bride Beautiful in Sandy Springs on Abernathy Rd. They have a very good selection and the quality of the dresses is great.
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    Wedding Angels in Roswell

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    I second Bride Beautiful...I got my dress there and had an amazing experience!!
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    I think most people on here go to Bride Beautiful and Wedding Angels.

    Here are two others that are places with a large selection--

    J. Andrews in Peachtree City
    New Natalie's in Atlanta

    Good luck and have fun in Atlanta!

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    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!
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    Kelly's Closet was an amazing experience for me, but I'm a street size 8, so I don't know if they have a lot of different sized dresses.  Brides Beautiful was the worst of all the experiences I had (and others have echoed that sentiment on this board in previous months)--I ended up leaving in tears!   

    And of course, David's Bridal always has a lot of different ranges of sizes. I know this because my daughter, who is a size 2, and another lady, who was a plus size bride, coincidentally had the same dress on at the same time when we were looking for her dress early this summer. 
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    I got my dress from Sweet Elegance Bridal in Decatur and had a great experience!  Great customer service and they really cater to the bride. I'm tiny so I'm not sure about their sample size ranges but it never hurts to call and see.

    Formally Yours in Lilburn has a good selection of dresses and the staff is helpful and friendly.  They also have good prices on their gowns.

    New Natalies has a large selection but is not the best as far as customer service.  I've heard some bad experiences from there but at the same time it has worked out for others.  They cut the tags out of the dresses and have created theie own system to identify the dresses so you don't know which designer you're trying on and will hopefully purchase from them.

    Wedding Angels in Roswell has nice dresses.  The staff there is very sweet.  I almost purchased from there but found something I liked better.

    Bride Beautiful in Sandy Springs also has a decent selection of dresses I just didn't find anything I loved.  My consultant was very helpful though.

    As you can see I went to a lot of places, lol.
    Hope this helps and hope you find a fantastic dress!

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