Hair and Makeup in ATL!

Hi Ladies!!

Can you please suggest a good Hair and Makeup artist that would be willing to come to Athens!?! I need some suggestions:)

Re: Hair and Makeup in ATL!

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    There are a lot of them in Athens if you google.  I think there is one on the Knot Vendor list that is in Athens.  You might want to look into Bob Salon, I think they do make up too.  It broke my heart when I had to leave Athens (graduated) and to leave Bob's.  They're wonderful!
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    Jennifer Denise is amazing!
    She does Hair and Makeup and is a total sweetie!
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    I met a lady named Miss Brie about a year and half ago. She did the make up for one of my co workers when she got married. She is funny and did a great job on her make up!! I dug out that card and to my surprise, I still have it. Her number (if it hasn't changed) is 404) 556-0822. I just got such a kick out of her and she loves what she does! How lucky, huh?! Good luck to you!
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    I HIGHLY recommend Shannon at Formal Faces.  She is doing both my hair and makeup and my mom's.  She actually comes to you and does it!  My trial pics are in my bio.  She is the one where I actually look good (I really didn't like the first person I tried).  You can get "formal faces" information from the knot vendors and just ask for Shannon.  She is just amazing!
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    There a lady that will come out and do you hair and make up... I have personnal used her and she great .. Tell her that Judy Nelson/Modern Elegance sent you... her is her link

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