HELP! <3

I am on a $2,000 budget and planning a wedding for next July in North Georgia/Helen area.
Does anyone have any ideas or tips of how to pull this off?
Thank you in advance!

Re: HELP! <3

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    A very small afternoon wedding (tea service, desert only, etc). 

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    Not specifics but...BBQ, generally, runs about $5-10 per person.  Keep the guest list small.  If you have a friend with a big backyard as them to donate it as a wedding gift.  You can have a friend marry you by getting ordained for free online,  keep flowers to a minimum and perhaps raid your local Family Dollar, etc. for votives or other centerpieces and keep an eye on Michaels and Hobby Lobby for sale coupons in their apps. You coudl also try a restaurant if your guest list is small-place already semi-decorated, no worries about linenes, glasses, etc.  Publix cakes are relatively inexpensive.  Also, do a recycled wedding dress of get a bridesmaid dress in white or ivory-much cheaper (sometimes $50 with sales) and alterations are much less, particularly if you just say you are "in a wedding" and forget to mention you are a bride.  You can also get free online templates for invitations and print them yourself and save tons of money that way and make sure to keep the invites weight down so they only need one stamp and have reply cards be postcards, cheaper postage.  Those are all things I've done to keep costs down.  Good luck!!!
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