Engagement rings and wedding rings

I don't want a traditional diamond ring. I'd like to have a 3 stone ring with a diamond center and then an emerald and amethyst on the side. Its unconventional but its what I want. Everywhere I have noticed has diamonds and doesn't do different gems for the engagement ring. We want to be able to buy the engagement ring and wedding rings as a set. Any suggestions as to how we can get what we want?

Re: Engagement rings and wedding rings

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    I would suggest you buy a mounting that has a matching wedding band and put in what you want. You should go to a place with knowledgeable sales people and a jeweler on-site. In other words, no bargains for you. Jewelry Artisans does good work and has a good reputation.

    PS I was in the jewelery business once, long ago.
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    That helps a lot thank you sooo much!!
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    I actually have a non-traditional ring myself and love it!  

    Shane Company will sell loose stones (sapphire, rubies, etc).

    Also, not sure where you are location wise, but a jeweler in Alpharetta off Kimball Bridge/State Bridge could probably help you out quite a bit.  He's an artisan by trade, very honest and does phenomenal work.

    The jewelery store is: Sabri Guven Jewelers
                                       4398 Kimball Br Rd    
                                       Alpharetta, 30005

    Good luck!!             
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    Is that the same as what used to be Guven Jewelers in the old outlet mall by Gwinnett Place and then moved over to the Mall of Georgia?   If so, I used to go there all the time.  They do great work and have great prices.
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    Try etsy!!!

    I know you can get a lot of custom made stuff there.
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    Yes, I believe it is the same Guven jewelers..they were in Gwinnett at some time and have been at this Alpharetta location for a while.  They are getting ready to move again (location has more space) off Haynes Bridge/Old Milton in September.

    He did some stuff for me and I was thrilled!
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    Worthmore Jewlers does total ring customizations -their staff is very personal and are really nice. They have great reviews on Yelp. They have 2 locations, in Decatur and Midtown.

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    I was going to suggest Worthmore as well.  They are happy to do any kind of customization.  We were thinking of doing something custom, but I think we're going to go a different route.  We will probably buy from them, though. I love their selection and service.  They're very helpful without being pushy.  I have looked at many jewelry stores, and they're my favorite.
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