HUGE stress off my shoulders....

Back story: I purchased my wedding dress from David's Bridal. I'm a plus sized girl....I wanted a lace up back in my dress and a french bustle (since I have a ton of beading on the back of my dress). DB quoted me $375 for the lace up and $200 for the bustle. I almost fainted....BUT I am being gifted my alterations, and that person said do it. I go to order the dress and they have the alterations lady come out and talk to me. She says in order for the lace up to look good, they need me to order my dress a size smaller than I actually need. This didn't make much sense to me, but I said ok....they are the experts. Fast forward a few weeks. Dress comes in, they call me to talk about making an alt appt. They then drop this bombshell on me: since my dress isn't white or ivory (it's light champagne) I need
to order the fabric, ribbon, and thread for the alterations. This is $25/yd for fabric and i HAVE to order 2 yards. They only need about 1/2 a yard.....but that is the min. the ribbon was going to run about $50 as well....So I am supposed to pay as much for alters as the dress? NO. Also my dress is so small that there is no turning back now from the lace up. I HAVE to have something done. (I cried for so long...)

Fast fwd a little more. I hire Three Goats Tall (clicky) to plan my wedding. (Lynda is amazing...and EXTREMELY affordable....) Lynda tells me about an alterations person they use named Candi Roetman. I went to see her yesterday and she's so affordable that I can actually use the $ I was going to give DB to pay for my planner.

TLDR: 3 Goats Tall is amazing, and so is Candi Roetman. David's Bridal can kick rocks.

Re: HUGE stress off my shoulders....

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    I'm glad it all worked out! I always feel like such a brat when I talk smack about DB's because they ARE so affordable and so many brides get their dresses there, but I've just never been a fan of the store in general. This just adds more reasons, suggesting you order your dress small, nickel and diming you on alterations, etc. I've also heard great things about 3 goats planning. She has great word of mouth!
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    She is AMAZING. I love me some Lynda. And the idea of the name is just cute.

    After the experience my cousin had with DB and mine too, it's no wonder they are being auctioned off.
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    Also, I will say, that the biggest thing about the whole ordeal is that I already have had a hard time with finding a dress because of my size, so finding THE dress and then trying it on when it came in just for it to be like everything else I've tried on, too small, it sure kicks you in the jollies.
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