My post wedding thank you and advice...

Hey, everyone.  First, let me say thank you to everyone on the board.  I have learned so much here.

My wedding was magical and I'm so thankful it all turned out so well.  The one thing I'm most thankful for is that I was able to relax and enjoy every minute.  My advice to you is to just let go and enjoy every moment of the day.  I'm so glad I was able to do that like I had planned and resolved to do. 

I will try to give a bit more a recap later, but I just really wanted to make sure I said that.  So many of my friends have told me they were so stressed on their wedding day that they didn't enjoy it.  Make sure you enjoy it.  We know how much time and energy and money we've put into it.  Do whatever it takes just to relax and enjoy your day. 

Okay, just one more little bit of advice.  Try not wait on anything till the last minute.  Try to get it all done at least one week ahead of time. I didn't follow that advice, and I was extremely stressed to the point of almost being sick in the last few days before the wedding.  Then my sweet friends and family came through the night before and I was able to get rest and then enjoy my wedding day, thank goodness.
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