Vendor Reviews from our wonderful wedding

Vendor Reviews from our 9/19 wedding

Venue:  The Mary Gay House in Decatur

Kim was great to work with and very nice.  The location was beautiful and reasonably priced.


Photography:  Paperlily Photography

I spent countless hours searching for the perfect photographer, because I knew this was my top priority among all the vendors.  After contacting around 50 photographers, we interviewed about nine, and then we finally chose Brooke and Christy of Paperlily.  We couldn’t be happier.  We LOVE the engagement pictures, and we can’t wait to see the wedding photos.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Their photos are amazing, and they are so sweet and fun to work with.


Catering:  Talk of the Town, Georgina Matthews

Georgina was so sweet to work with, the food was delicious, and everything was absolutely beautiful.  We couldn’t be happier.


Cake:  Celso’s Cakes

The cake was delicious and moist.  I enjoyed the cake tasting, but I thought the wedding cake on our day was far better than what we tried during the tasting.  Celso was very nice, and he even made me a special custom flavor at my request, Chai Tea, which we had as one of our three layers.  It was yummy.  We also had vanilla cake with Bailey’s Irish crème mousse (de-lish!), and chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling.  The cake was beautiful, too.  We had the “wave” design, and our florist placed real flowers on the cake.  Also, the cake was very reasonably priced.


Florist:  O’Brien Studio Florist 404-292-8255

Michael was so nice, the cost was good, and the flowers looked amazing!  He also went the extra mile to obtain heather and a special kind of leaves for our wedding.  The flowers on the cake were especially beautiful as well. 

Hair and Makeup:  Formal Faces                                                               

Jennifer did a good job and was friendly.  If I had it to do over again, I would try to find someone who could do the practice session closer to my home. I had to drive about two hours to her house, and leave work early as well to fit it into our schedules.  That was not ideal. 

Alterations:  Maritza C. Pittman, Custom Designs

She did a fabulous job of altering my dress and pressing it and my slip at the last minute.    Her email address is  [email protected]  She is very reasonably priced as well.

Officiant:  Jeff Farmer, friend and minister

He did a wonderful job, and he followed the ceremony we’d planned exactly. 

Day Of Coordinator:  Kaye Andrews of Atlanta Event and Design

Kaye and her intern, Cassie, helped everything to flow smoothly.  It was such a great decision to hire a day of coordinator.  They were both very nice and professional. 

Music:  The Adrian Ash Group                                                           


They were awesome!  This is my husband’s band, and they did an outstanding job.  During the ceremony they played my husband’s arrangements of Storybook Love, Pachelbel’s Canon, Wanna Grow Old With You, and One Love, as well as The Wedding Song.  During the reception they played jazz standards as well as some of our favorite songs, like Stevie Wonder’s You Are the Sunshine of My Life and Overjoyed, Bob Marley, Sting, John Denver, Elvis, and other popular music.  The music was perfect. 


Dress: Bridal Sense


I got a great deal on my dress.  They were no pressure, which was nice.  The ladies who helped me were both nice, although I got the feeling that one of them was getting a little tired of me trying on my dress for so long.  Still, I would definitely go back there because the prices were awesome and they were nice.   It's not fancy, but financially it made sense. 


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    Thanks for sharing your review.
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    You're welcome! :)
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    Also, we got our groom's cakes and cakes for the rehearsal dinner at Southern Sweets.  They were so yummy!  The caramel cake was so moist and delicious.  Unfortonutely, somehow the groom's cakes were forgotten in the fridge and never got put out, and something "happened" to them.  They haven't been seen since.  This really bothered us, but ohwell.  In the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a deal.  The ones that were stolen or lost or whatever were tiramisu cake and chocolate with peanut butter mousse.  Sigh....
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