Wedding Dress Trouble!!

Ok my wedding is March 20th. I bought my dress about 9 months ago because I found  it for a really great price. Ok I have stored it the way the dress shop told me to (dark closet, wrapped in a 100% cotton sheet, the bag half way zipped). I pulled it out the other day and it looks like it has changed colors a little bit. It is a champagne color dress but it seems to have gotten a little darker. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Im starting to stress out  cuz if I cant fix it im going to have to find another dress  and have it altered and dont have much time left.

Re: Wedding Dress Trouble!!

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    Wow, that's crazy!

    That is a very technical question. Maybe call the dress shop and ask about it.

    Also, are you looking at it under the same light as before... for example daylight can make a dress look a different color than florecent.
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