NWR: News about Henn family

Most of you probably know now about the Uganda bombing victim, Nate Henn, who was from Delaware and an alum of UD (my school).

I thought I would let you know that his brother was injured and the pilot killed when their plane crashed in North Carolina; the pilot was taking the brother to be with the family.

Here is a link to the article:

I thought I would be bold and ask for prayers for both families; the Henn family has suffered so much already.

Re: NWR: News about Henn family

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    Jesster153Jesster153 member
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    Just read about this on the train this morning
    How horrible....
    It's so sad to read when bad things happen to good people
    I'll be praying for their family during their hard times ahead
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    FutureMrsTCTFutureMrsTCT member
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    You've got the prayers from me too. I grew up in DE and while I didn't know the Henn Family, I still know plenty of people who did.

    PS it's definitely not bold to ask for prayers, it's compassionate.
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