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October 2009 Weddings

10/3 ladies- 65 days! marriage license anyone?

HI girls, 65 days today! Did anyone go and get their marriage license? I know diff states probably have diff rules but I know here in CT u can get ur marriage license at the 65 day mark. We didn't get ours yet- we're waiting another few weeks. But I was thinking about it all day. Anyone get theirs?

Re: 10/3 ladies- 65 days! marriage license anyone?

  • OSheasOSheas member
    WOW.... 65 days; where has the time gone?!?  We will be getting ours sometime next week and are super excited about it. 
  • We have to wait till 60 days out.  I think we'll wait till a few weeks before though.
  • We won't be able to get ours until the day before--which means that we'll have to get special court permission to waive the usual MA three-day waiting period.  What a pain!
  • VT has a 60 day period, but we'll be getting ours the week of the wedding since it will be the only time we are up there together in those 60 days.
  • Yay!! 65 days...not long now! I'm so excited. This marriage license thing is the one thing I'm afriad I'm going to forget. Thank you for the reminder! I'm going to find out AL's requirements now.
  • wow...I feel like such a slacker.  I could get mine 180 days out and I haven't gotten it yet....lol.  Maybe next week.  65 days!  Woohoo!
  • We did not get ours.  We are waiting until the day of our bachelorette and bachelor parties, since we both have the day off. I am really really getting excited. I cant believe its going to be here in no time.
  • RickeRicke member
    I wish we could get our license!  We don't live near where we're getting married - not even in the same state!  And, of course, the place is only open M-F 8:00 - 4:30 or something like that... so instead of both of us taking a day off of work, we're just going to get it 2 days before the wedding, when we were planning on going up there anyway.I hope nothing goes wrong! :)
  • Marriage license is only good for 30 days here, so we'll be waiting until September... so close!!
  • NH marriage licenses are good for 90 days but we can't take any time off during the week to head up there until mid-Sept. 65 days- wow.  We have a lot to get done!!!
  • ND we have to wait until 60 days out. But we probably wont get our for a few weeks.
  • Because we live in NH and are getting married in NC, we're not getting our until we fly into NC on Sept. 29th (4 days before the wedding)
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