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October 2009 Weddings

what are u wearing under the dress? HELP!

Hi ladies! Can you help me with ideas for what to wear under my dress? I want it to be nice and cute but not too sexy since people have to help me put my dress on. I am going bridal shower dress shopping tomorrow and am also looking for lingerie to wear under the dress. I think I'm all set with the top- some sort of strapless bra. But I need help with the bottoms. What are u girls wearing? And where did you buy it from? Did u buy online or at an actual store? I was thinking I wanted ruffly undies or something cute like that. Please help me out! I want some ideas before I go shopping with my MOH tomorrow, thanks!

Re: what are u wearing under the dress? HELP!

  • i am wearing a cute pair of blue lace boy shorts and a white lace bra. it is simply but sexy and have a garter and a tossing garter so i will have the one garter on until after the wedding.
  • Oh well people are going to just have to deal with seeing my fat A$$ I don 't wear anything but thongs. Haven't picked any out yet though.
  • I'm getting some blue boy shorts and in rhinestones putting "Mrs. XXXX" on the butt! :)  I figure, it's got to be appropriate to wear in front of my mother, but at the same time I want it to be special for FI! :)
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  • im wearing my beloved SPANX lol.... ive had 3 babies back to back... i need help putting things back where they need to be lol
  • White lace boyshorts.  They are SO cute!  I just bought them last night.  I do not need a bra for my dress.
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  • I'm either gonna wear a pair of blue hipsters or my VS Bride cotton panties :-) I have something to change into that night anyway.
  • I don't know if I can wear anything...I have tried to find something that would work but my dress is sheath style bias cut and has a low back so anything I have tried shows awful lines or comes way up my back....I may go sans panties! ohh lala
  • My uptop is an industrial strenght strapless with extra fillin', so to balance it, I want something lucious underneath. Blue silk maybe?
  • I'll have a strapless bra, Spanx, a crinoline, and a garter.  At my age (I'll be 56 on my wedding day), I need underwear with architectural properties!  LOL
  • Well I was just going to wear a pair of white panties....nothing special.  I know we will both be so tired that nothing will be happening afterwards - especially since we are sharing a rental house with family for the evening.  But I think you all may have inspired me to do something fun now.  Where did you guys find yours at?  Thanks!
  • I'm wearing a white lacey bustier from JCP.com and a coordinating thong. Hopefully I can step into my dress and have it pulled up the rest of the way by someone else so I'm not showing my butt cheeks off to our Moms and the photographer! http://tinyurl.com/kvovz7
  • I am wearing a long line bra and spanx.
  • Mine are white and blue and are from Victoria's Secret's Very Sexy line (3 for $30 sale right now). They are boyshorts that say "Bride to Be". I couldn't find them on the website and had to go to 2 locas VS stores to find them in my size... lol they also had 'bridal blue' ones that say "The Future Mrs." Both are cute cheeky styles with rhinestone details... HTH!  
  • kjohnson, I'm wearing the same ones!
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