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October 2009 Weddings

Signed my married name for the first time!

Our lease will be up at the end of Oct. so they had us come sign the new one today(at our place we have to give 60 days notice....so if they know you are staying they just type up the new one right away).They used my married name and I signed a bunch pages.......so weird!!  Our manager even mentioned that we sign it the same way, lol.

Re: Signed my married name for the first time!

  • That's cool! I haven't signed mine but sometimes when I'm bored I practice ;)
  • That's cool.I need to practice writing mine.Because my fi's name is french and it is so much longer than mine.
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  • That's awesome! I just signed some employment papers yesterday, and the guy was like "You're getting married soon, right? And changing your name?" Pretty sure I'll have to re-fill those out in October. The transition period is going to be so weird-- receiving mail with maiden name, trying to remember to sign married name....
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  • I doodle my married name but I think that first time is going to be exciting and weird at the same time
  • I've been meaning to "practice" but I still haven't!  Some other recently-married girls I know suggested the practice, but they said it's still hard to get used to.  At work, I'm getting a new client, so I went out to meet them with my boss a few weeks ago.  It's a long process to get a new client, so the process won't be done until October.  My boss mentioned when he introduced me that I would actually have a different name when they were ready to work with me - which I thought was nice that he even remembered! :)  When I gave the client my card, he said, "well, what's your new name going to be?"  I told him and he crossed out my current last name and wrote my new one above it.  It was so weird.  He asked me to spell it and everything.  Crazy, but really awesome. :)
  • I'm embarrassed to admit this but I always sign my credit card receipts with my soon-to-be new last name.  I've been doing it for a couple of months just so it looks and feels natural when it is official.
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  • You sign a name that doesn't match your credit card and the stores let it go?  That worries me a little!
  • My signature is not really legible so I don't think retailers can tell the difference.  They always ask for my ID which matches my card.
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  • I practice, and have changed all my magazines, etc. over, so that it's getting more comfortable. I also sign off on some emails as the Soon to Be Mrs. Karma.
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